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From the nutritional value of honey to the lingering taste of lasting energy, Honey Chew packs it all in a small and easy to open pack.

A healthy way to instant energy, Honey chew is a nutritional replacement to sugar based chewing gums and stick jaws. With many athletes and even children seeking long lasting energy for their daily chores, the unhealthy ingredients of the traditional chew bars accumulate unnecessary fat in the body with their energy not lasting long enough either. Honey Chew, on the other hand, boasts of a composition of 8 10% water and 90 91% carbohydrates, along with a little amount of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. This infers that the non-cooked, ready to eat natural honey food bar carries little of anything else except sheer energy.

The product is available in a range of convenient packaging which just requires one to cut, squeeze and chew on the natural goodness of honey. Moreover, it is not like the other traditional health bars. Honey chew comes in many different flavours of orange, mango, peppermint and Ginger Lemon, along with natural honey to let taste not be compromised either.

The innovation has already caught the attention and has been acknowledged by world renowned bodies. The company has been accorded with Top Innovation Award at ANUGA, Germany, The Innovation Award at AIFPA and the ITQI Superior Taste Award, Brussels.

Awards & Reward

  • TASTE 2007

  • ITQI 2008

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