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Bee’s Pollen and Bee’s Wax are two allied products of honey which are being put to use in many different industries.  Ranging from the food and beverage industry to cosmetics, many firms have started employing the services of these allied products not only because of their evident health benefits but also their utility in the different industries where they are being employed.

Such allied products have come to be recognized as an important source of proteins, vitamins and minerals which are required and used in food supplements and cosmetics, being used for the beauty industry. These benefits of honey’s allied products make it popular not only in India but also on foreign shores. 

While the pollen comes from flowers, bee wax is a secretion of wax glands of workers of 14 to 17 days of age and used by bees for comb building.


Bees collect pollen from flowers. It is very rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals and is used as food supplement and in various cosmetics products. We offer pollen packed in 25 kg cartons.


Bee wax is a secretion of wax glands of worker bees of 14 to 17 days of age and used by bees for comb building. It has great use in cosmetics, food processing industry and other industries. Crude Bees wax is either packed in blocks, and shrink wrapped, or in boxes.

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